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GOODframe was built on the values of our founder Fiona George - mainly courage, confidence and consistency.

At GOODframe, we are dedicated to encouraging confidence and creativity within individuals. We strongly believe that with the right tools, anybody can look and feel good about themselves. We want to be able to give you looks that you can wear any time, any place and with absolutely anything.  


When starting GOODframe, we decided we wanted a brand that caters to the modern-day young adult and can carefully keep up with the forever changing trends. 

We understand that the average young adult still wants to look fashionable, luxurious and most importantly, feel confident about what they are wearing without burning a hole in their pocket. GOODframe is for the young adult who craves to be distinct and bold with their style. 

We take pride in standing up and showing out for the style-evolving individuals whose strongest desire is to express themselves freely, with finesse, sophistication and comfort. 


We strive to provide high quality, fun and affordable eyewear that is designed, based in and shipped from the heart of London. 

We promise to always ensure that we provide products that you can buy with confidence and depend on. All our eyewear products are thoroughly quality checked to ensure this. 

Your satisfaction will always be our highest ranking priority. 

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